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“Kali Electronics” Ltd. serves businesses, offices and individuals across the Sofia area. This is a small fraction of our customers, we work for years with success. They were wrong when you trust us to maintain their computers, laptops and equipment …

In case of emergency perform scheduled visits to address. Most problems find their solution in the service of the company at ul. Atanas Dalchev 7. Lately maintenance is largely carried out by distance or remotely via Teamviewer or AnyDesk – client remote control system.

This is a small part of our larger clients we work for years with success. Some of them are computer maintenance subscription with us and with other work on call. In most of these customers, we have built a complete infrastructure of offices, local network, computers, laptops, printers and multifunction devices. They were wrong not when trusted us for the maintenance of their computers, laptops, networks and equipment. More about our customers can find out by visiting their websites or contact them. The list is much longer, but visibility did it to end with the ten most famous domestic clients

Law Firm “Sazdov and Petrov” – http://splf.eu

Law Firm “Balkanski & Partners” – http://www.bnp.bg/bg/lawyers

Pastry “Sunday” – http://www.nedelya.com

Corporation “Siberian Health” Bulgaria – http://sibirskozdrave.net/

“Rebus” Ltd. – real estate agency – http://www.rebus-bg.com

“YOU METAL” Ltd. – http://vasmetal.bg

“Coarse” http://www.edrina.eu Ltd.

Vocational Training Center “TreinSoft” – http://www.trainsoftbg.com

“BULENGINEERING COMPANY” Ltd. – http://www.bulengineering.com

OLA Taste of MED – http://www.ola-bg.com

INSURANCE BROKER – “DRABEL” Ltd., address: Sofia, ul. Opalchenska 106 http://drabel.eu

Dr. Kalamaris Joachim – http://www.personal.ikalamaris.com

as well as many other law firms, pharmacies, small businesses, accounting houses, offices, shops, and hundreds of private clients. If you doubt our abilities as professionals in the field of computers and IT technology, or just want to check our loyalty and honesty can easily contact one of our clients ask us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the conversation will run, and the answers you get.