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How we work

My name is Dimitar Georgiev and I am an expert in the field of computer technology. I have a computer repair shop at Sofia quarter. East Street. “Atanas Dalchev” 7. Together with my colleagues that for years working together successfully handle even the toughest service problems with computers and laptops. In our service, there is division of labor. I am a specialist in the field of software, settings, software problems and incompatibilities. Colleague Eng. Vladimir Tulilov is extremely valuable specialist in hardware, especially with regard to heavy repairs of laptops, monitors and other electronic circuit boards and components. I personally prefer the work of the system administrator and software part. I will briefly try to describe the process of working in the workshop, as well as call address, for maximum clarity and to avoid difficulties in working with you.

1. Servicing: In service accepts computers, laptops and monitors repair and overhaul every day except Sundays and holidays.

It is desirable prior to contact us on 0894 700 233 to discuss the problem and leave a phone number. First make diagnosis of the problem. We inform you of the result of diagnosis and repair possibilities and the price of work and materials, then you confirm or reject repairs. In cases where the diagnosis was made and you refused repair is paid only diagnosis.
If repair is confirmed diagnosis becomes free and is included in the repair.

2. Request to: From 2016 stopped accepting requests to visit the address because they can not leave the service for a long period of time. However, increasingly make remote computing services. You can contact by phone, e-mail, or in the form “Request for Repair” on our website. We will contact you to clarify the problem and also to determine the exact time for remote assistance. The price is 20 lev, and the service can be performed virtually immediately after your call.
Call is performed maintenance and repair of desktops, installing and reinstalling operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, drivers, programs, games, application software on demand, setting the routers, networking, peripherals, and any other software and programming services. Site visits are made only for the neighborhood “East” to addresses near to the service.

3. Lately more comfortable going remote computer assistance and remote computing services.

As a modern service we also offer remote services, remote support and service. For this purpose it is necessary to translate 20 lev the account specified in the section Remote Assistance. From there you can download the module for remote access to run it and to contact us for further support to resolve the problem. Do not worry, it will not cope. Our specialist will guide you step by step to resolve the issue. It is important to know in advance that a remote computer assistance is only possible when running an operating system and an active internet connection. For computer services from a distance does not matter where in the world you are located in Sofia, Bulgaria or abroad. This does not matter. Just call 0894 700 233.