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Service “East” offers a new, modern and very comfortable for us and for you means an expert remote computer support, remote computer services and remote access, or so-called remote computer support (Remute Support, Quick Support, Remute Help)
Remote computer assistance and remote maintenance is possible only in case both two important conditions: your computer to load Windows and your Internet work (ie to have an active internet connection). For those who are not aware of what it means active internet connection explain: this is when you can open websites from your computer, you have the Internet).

In the event that Windows has collapsed and is not enough to charge the desktop or launch programs blocked by viruses remote Support and remote access to your computer becomes impossible. In this case, contact our technician on 0894 700 233 to discuss the problem.

Usually if they can not work on the computer we have two options:

Option 1 is to bring our computer or laptop in the workshop to rectify the problem.

Option 2. Make an appointment to visit your address and further instructions.

If you are a Windows-loaded normally and have Internet is not a problem to take advantage. Here’s what you need to do to use our remote computer assistance and services:

First, contact us by Skype unique Skype name “ozzy700”, or send e-mail: computersoft@abv.bg, or just call phone 0894 700 233 and speak to our specialist for instructions on remote computer assistance and to describe the nature of the problem. We will send you module Remute Support. We will do a test connection to be sure that the system works, and to make sure that everything is fine.

Second, the cost of remote computer service is fixed – 20 lev PC / laptop to solve a particular problem. It is the amount to be previously transferred to the bank account written below by e-mail computersoft@abv.bg send a scanned copy of the payment document or verify payment:
IBAN BG20FINV915010UB346989

Dimitar Pavlov Georgiev

Another way of payment is in the service of the company in cash. If you know and work together more than once payment can be done later. If we do not know and you are our new customer pay it in advance.

Third: To be able to connect to your PC need to pre-download the program TEAMVIEWER QUICK SUPPORT. This is a small volume “exe” file which should be downloaded for no longer than one minute. Once the file is saved on your computer as a desktop or wherever you see fit, by double-clicking on the icon start it. After less than a minute will open blue window TEAMVIEWER QUICK SUPPORT portabal version fields where written your ID -ID and password with numbers. Call Support with the 0894 700 233. It is necessary to provide us identifikatsionenniya number and password to access your computer. You may write them also on Skype, or send them to e-mail: computersoft@abv.bg. Providing ID and password we get permission from you to perform remote access to your computer and can start working on fixing the problems with your computer, laptop, tablet, and why not the router …

Guarantees: Computer support from a distance are fully guaranteed by the service from the company. In case your problem is not completely solved, then measures of our staff to deal with the problem remotely, or due to the occurrence of another problem, you can use the free warranty service to service. It is therefore necessary to advance our select two names and full address. Any work remotely on your machine fully ensure service of the company.

What services can be performed remotely?

Any software computing services can be performed remotely, diagnosing problems (hardware and software), PC and laptop; prevention of PCs and laptops over the Internet, virus removal, clean up temporary files, data recovery, installation of software, installation of drivers, resolving software problems and conflicts, diagnose hardware, custom installation applications, installing games custom, cleaning temporary files, releasing free disk space cyrillized, installation of phonetic, resolve any problems and conflicts in Windows, you install peripheral devices such as printers, cameras, scanners, routers, including setting up a router in connected to his computer and many others.

Can be performed remotely, installing and reinstalling of Windows, repair and service of computers and laptops that have a hardware problem, unlock password locked computers and laptops restore destroy Windows. These computer services that can not be performed remotely operate service workshop “East” at St. “Atanas Dalchev” 7, 1st floor

Do not worry if you can handle. If there is anything unclear just call 0894 700 233 or write to SKYPE: ozzy700 for more detailed guidance and information of interest you questions about remote services and remote access. Remote computing services is assumed to 3 months warranty, which if necessary can be taken remotely, or the address of the service in Sofia at St. Atanas Dalchev 7 April 1 et 1.

Remote computer support and remote computing services at expert level; online computer help online computer services, remote services – every day: 0894 700 233