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Request for repair of computers and computer equipment.

In service EAST accept any requests for repair of computers, laptops, monitors and other computer equipment.

Contact form allows you to send your questions to our service specialist to assess the problem and give you an answer to all your questions on repair, repair, maintenance and service equipment.

Frequently asked questions and answers to them can see below:

How long repairs laptop in the workshop?

Usually the repair of equipment takes 24 hours to five days, depending on the load factors at the time of repair in the service and complexity of repairs, and whether we will have to wait to order parts and electronic components.

Can it do operating system installation or reinstallation of the OS and how long it becomes?

Installing and reinstalling laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones is fast – usually more during the working day. If you have an urgent need for installation or reinstallation service it can be done even within two hours of acceptance for service.

Routine maintenance and cleaning of laptops and computers – how much and how long it.

The price is 30 lev for a thorough cleaning with a change of pastes and lubricate fan, cleaning of viruses and malware, optimize for speed and software maintenance. The duration of the procedures is from 2 to 24 hours after entering the service.

What are the most common problems with the technique?

These are diagnosing problems with the hard drive, RAM, motherboard, and in particular video, broken sockets for power, damaged ribbon cables and matrices desplei broken molds defective sludstvie shock or flooding keyboards and other components.

What are the most common computer and software services in the service?

These are installing, reinstalling, cleaning, maintenance, optimization for fast response system, installing drivers, games and programs to resolve specific problems with the software.

For convenience in orders and requests can use the contact form below.

Ask PC, laptop, monitor – new or second-hand request for computer components, application for service, or even send a call request at repair computer repair laptop or other hardware and software maintenance and services please fill in the form below:

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