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Repair services

Hardware Services

  1. Assembling computers to order, sale of computers
  2. Computers, laptops and monitors second hand and used parts
  3. Diagnosis, repair and maintenance of computers, laptops and monitors
  4. Service and repair of motherboards, video cards, replacement of faulty electronic circuit boards and components
  5. Service and repair laptops and monitors, repairing broken sockets, prezalepyane of graphics and chipsets, changing molds and other
  6. Upgrade desktops and laptops
  7. Repair and service of chargers (adapters) for laptop, replacement of damaged cables, connectors, batteries for laptops and other
  8. Cleaning and laptops overheating prevention by changing the thermal

Software Services

  1. Installing the operating system and software
  2. Split disk partitions as desired, formatting and installing OS
  3. Reinstall wipe the slate clean or maintain information restoring Windows XP crash
  4. Restore and retrieve information and files from corrupted computer or laptop
  5. Virus removal and recovery. Installing antivirus and protection
  6. Unlocking the Windows XP or Windows 7 locked with password
  7. Cyrillized. Installing Bulgarian interfaces BDS and phonetic keyboard layouts
  8. Finding and installing application software programs and custom
  9. Software maintenance and optimization of PCs and laptops running Windows
  10. Resolving any software issues and problems with peripherals
  11. Installing a remote computer support and computer help remotely if desired by the customer

Diagnosis, repair and maintenance service carried out in the following service charges:

  1. diagnose a problem with a desktop computer – 20 lev
  2. repair of desktop computer without the cost of inputs (for repairs diagnostics included in the repair) – 30 lev
  3. diagnose hardware problem with the laptop – 40 lev
  4. laptop repair – issue prices are as of 40 lev (for repairs diagnostics included in the repair)
  5. repair the monitor – the seriousness of the problem and the labor and materials – from 50 to 80 lev
  6. installing, reinstalling, restoring, cleaning and any other virus software and software services are priced at 30 lev
  7. also accept express orders for service and repair of computers within a few hours of receipt of the computer in the shop, which is charged extra 15 lev for express service.

Repair of computers – PCs and laptops

Repair of computer equipment – computers and laptops at a call is made only when appropriate. For example, if the problem is with the router network or desktop computer as well as software issues affecting the operating system, viruses and others. Note that a site visit is made for the convenience of the customer, but expensive service not only because of transport costs, but also to withdraw during an IT expert with your problem, over time, to whom the service address.

Hardware services and repairs at

Repair of computer and replacement of components

Diagnosis, repair and maintenance of desktops and replacement of components

Replacement of defective parts and circuit boards as power supply, video card, hard drive, ssd, RAM, motherboard, DVD, floppy, fans and other

Hardware preventive maintenance of desktops – cleaning, changing the thermal paste, lubrication and other fans

Construction of wireless networks, set up the router and network devices.

Connecting peripheral devices and their configuration

Software services at

Installing Windows 7 install of Windows XP, reinstall, install programs, drivers, and other computers and laptops

Recover Windows 7, XP when a problem with boot-level expert

Restoration of the information and files from corrupted computer or laptop

Expert recovery of Windows, programs, drivers, tuning, data recovery

Reinstalling Windows with or without saving information to disk

Perform comprehensive prevention software: security updates, virus cleaning and temporary files, optimize

Installing programs on demand as well as package tested programs if necessary

Virus removal, optimizing speed-computers and laptops

Resolve any software (programming) problems, conflicts and incompatibilities

Setting up networks and routers, network and local printers and other

Setting up e-mail, Internet connection, etc.

Activation of programs resolve any software problems

Installing remote computer support and computer help remotely upon request.

We also accept requests for express computer service call for up to 60 minutes of call to be paid extra

All services to address are carried out according to the following tariffs:

visit the address in Sofia: 10 lev
expert service address within two hours of the visit – 30 lev
Every second computer at the same address is serviced at a price 15 lev to the basic fee

– Worked extremely efficiently and at expert level, the price includes everything necessary to ensure a job well done, no matter what activities will need to be carried out. All computer parts and components needed for successful repair of equipment are paid according to their real value. Upon recovery to ensure the information on the computer, in case your hard drive is working properly.

Whenever you put in a difficult situation with the technique and do not know whether it is possible to fix a computer problem, do not hesitate and immediately contact our expert on 0894 700 233 to share and discuss problems and resolve them. Know that even in a situation where everything seems completely lost, there are still solutions.