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Service Call

Hardware services call

  1. Diagnosis, repair and maintenance of desktops and replacing components
  2. Replacement of defective parts and circuit boards as power supply, video card, hard drive, ssd, RAM, motherboard, DVD, floppy, fans and other
  3. Hardware prevention desktop – cleaning, changing thermal, lubrication and other fans
  4. Wireless network, setting up routers and network devices.
  5. Connecting peripheral devices and their configuration

Software services call

  1. Installing Windows 7, install Windows XP, reinstall, install programs, drivers, and other PCs and laptops
  2. Restore Windows 7, XP problem with boot
  3. Recover data and files from corrupted computer or laptop
  4. Reinstalling Windows with or without saving the disc information
  5. Perform comprehensive software maintenance: security updates, virus cleaning and temporary files, optimize
  6. Installing programs on demand, package and test the program if necessary
  7. Virus removal, optimizing the performance of computers and laptops
  8. Resolve any software (programming) problems, conflicts and incompatibilities
  9. Setting up networks and routers, network and local printers and other
  10. Setting up e-mail, Internet connection, etc.
  11. Enabling programs to resolve any programming issues
  12. Installing a remote computer support and computer help remotely upon request.
  13. Also accepts requests for express services call computer for up to 60 minutes of the call, which is charged extra

All call services are performed to address the following rates:
visiting address in Sofia: 10 lev
expert service in two hours at your address – 30 lev
a second computer at the same address served at 20 lev to the basic fee
Emergency problems are extremely rare, requiring over two hours of work is paid BGN 15 per hour for overtime
– Work in an expeditious and expert level, with price includes everything necessary to ensure a job well done, regardless of what actions will need to be made. All computer parts and components required for successful repair of equipment are paid according to their real value.


Whenever you put in a difficult situation with the equipment and do not know whether it is possible to fix a computer problem, do not hesitate to immediately contact our expert on 0894 700 233 to discuss and share problems and solving them. Know that even in situations when all seems completely lost, there are still solutions.